How to Propose a Member

Do not inform the prospective member of the proposal until after the board approves it.

In brief, the membership proposal process is:

  1. Submit a candidate using the Membership Proposal PDF Form.
  2. Upon board approval, arrange an information session for the proposed member with the membership chair person.
  3. At that session, ask the proposed member to complete and sign Part B of the proposal form. Return the form to the club secretary.
  4. Publish the proposed member's name and classification to the club. (The Recommended Rotary Club Bylaws allow seven days for club members to consider and file objections, if any.)
  5. If no objections are received, the proposed member pays the admission fee and becomes a Rotarian.
  6. The club secretary or president immediately reports the new member to Rotary International via Member Access at
Online Membership Proposal Form

Click Here to reach our Membership Proposal Form.